Taking care of your skin and hair has never been so bright! 5 incredible cosmetic series in a new design and with new bright fragrances: Aloe Vera,Lavender, Citrus, Vitamins and Minerals, and Vanilla. These are hits proven with time and with love, as well as products intended for complex care of your skin and hair.
“Aloe Vera” gently cares about weakened, dry skin. The series has a rejuvenating and antiseptic effect.
Lavender is intended specifically for dry and irritated skin. Products containing lavender moisturize and soften your skin and help to maintain its health.
The new products “Vitamins and Minerals” is a real gift for those who take care not only of a beauty, but also of health. The products deeply nourish your skin and hair filling them with vitamins and glamour.
The cheerful series “Citrus” gives your skin tone and freshness throughout the day.
The romantic “Vanilla” not only gently cares, but also reveals the new aspects of your sensuality.